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The Legendary Bob Marley

I watched the motion picture documentary about the Legendary Bob Marley. The actors were very good. The storyline in my opinion was fabricated. Bob Marley touched the souls of millions of people with his music. He wanted to UNITE the people of the world. His goal was to teach people internationally about the corruption of the government and promote world peace. His movement was so powerful and successful that he became a 'MARTYR'.

Everyone who has attempted to make a change in this world has been jailed, punished, killed, in or excuted in some violent, tragic, accident. Bob Marley was so popular and loved by all. It is no coincidence that his death at the age of 32 was allegedly due to a diagnosis of Cancer.

'Coming off a two-night run at Madison Square Garden in New York City, Marley was playing soccer with friends in Central Park when he had a seizure. After being taken to a local hospital, doctors discovered his cancer had spread throughout his entire body, and he was given just months to live. Despite the grim prognosis, Marley stayed positive' - People Magazine

I have never heard of anyone dying of cancer of the foot. The truth about what really happened was fabricated. Bob Marley was playing 'football' in the park with his friends. Allegedly he stepped on a rusty nail or syringe after someone bumped him while playing.

An untreated infection of the toe or foot can easily effect your skin, muscles, joints, bones and organs within months of an injury, which can lead to death.

Again, anyone reading this may be asking, 'What is wrong with you?'! I have been asked many times if I am a conspiracy theorist. Cañl it whatever you want to call it. The truth shall set you free and save a life or lives.

I recently visited a local nail salon. The nail tech used a cuticle remover on my big toe and cut the cuticle. It was bleeding on site. He did not put an antibiotic on my wound. He did not sanitize the tool before using it on my foot. My toe swelled up to the size of a balloon! It has been black and blue for two weeks. I cannot put on my sneakers. The entire nail bed has been infected! I have amputated my entire toe nail!

I prayed to GOD. It was so painful. I could not walk.

Bob Marley continued to tour the world, sing and uplift humanity although his foot was infected and in pain!

'Marley died from acral lentiginous meñanoma, a rare form of cancer, which had spread over his body over several years, according to The Skin Cancer Foundation. He was first diagnosed in July 1977 when he sought treatment for a lesion under his big toe on his right foot. Marley first thought it was a soccer injury, but an opinion from a second doctor who biosied the spot revealed that it was cancer.' - People Magazine

Anyone who has been diagnosed with a disease that can end your life will automatically deteriorate mentally, emotionally or physically whether you have cancer or not! Our emotions can eat us up inside. Bob Marley sung his souñ out onto his music to empower the people of the world.

In 1977, the doctors recommended amputating his toe! 'Marley opted to remove the nail and some of the affected tissue for a skin graft.'-People Magazine

If the affected skin was used for a skin graft logically the spread of the infected tissue would continue to spread throughout Bob Marley's body. Infections are spread when left untreated with the proper care.

He received 'CHEMOTHERAPY' as treatment for cancer in 'Germany'. What is Chemotherapy? 'A Death Sentence' for most of people who are not healthy enough to endure the effects of such a harsh treeatment which is known to kill both bad cells and good cells in your body. The chemicals that are used in chemotherapy are some of the same chemical ingredients that are inside of rat poison.

In 2019, my bestfriend was diagnosed with cancer after she was rushed to the E.R. of a Queens Hospital suffering from a sepsis caused by an untreated UTI. To my astonishment, none of her family members were by her bedside. She had no visitors. The Doctors performed a spinal tap on her, removed bone marraw from her legs, and drained her blood more than twice a day. The medicine that she was prescribed for the infection contained sulfur which she was as allergic to. She was swollen over three times her weight. I immediately advised the doctors and nurses of their errors and asked them to remove the meds from her IV. An hour later after she received another bag of IV fluids she woke up from her comma and attempted to tal open her eyes. Helping my friend was as simple as pie, until her mother decided to transfer her to Bellvue Hospital. Bellvue Hospital is the worse hospital in New York City! It is known and recognized as an experimental hospital which practiced the same treatments described in the novel, 'One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.' I witnesses my best friend receiving a chest x-ray without protective materials. I asked for the biopsy reports from the Queens Hospital which showed that she had cancer. They informed me that there is no test that shows that someone has 'leukemia' I watched over my bestie every single day. I gave her a manicure and pedicure reminicing of aññ the times we played outside together. She opened her eyes and tried to talk to me. Unfortunately, She died after her souless mother banned me from coming to see her at the hospital. She received calls that she was getting much better and decided to just show up digging between her funky toenails and talking loudly on the phone. She tried to fight me and called security on me because I questioned the treatment protacal of chemo with no proof of a diagnosis! God rest her soul.

Who dies from a bladder infection or a UTI? The Legendary Bob Marley! Died of an infection of his big toe which was not immediately treated with the proper care and so can you!

Therefore, focus on 'What is wrong with you' Do not ask other people, 'What is wrong with you?'.

Bob Marley didn't trust the doctor to ampute his toe! Give up 'football'? 'No! Ya mad? Mind ya bumba hole!', must have been his reaction.

Men will wait until they are dying in pain to see a doctor although they know in their hearts that they are not feeling well. By then, they will teñl you that they are dying! Do not take your health for granted. We are all one species. We bleed the same color despite our color. Continue to honor the movement of peace and unity of aññ mankind!

'Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one. - Bruce Lee

R.I.P. Bob Marley May you continue to spread love throughout the universe through your consious music. 🇯🇲

Written By AKAMARU

Religious Organization created to help unigy humanity and teach everyone to be consious about their health and wellness. 🙏

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